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Ecobyte Finance

A project in partnership with Stripe

Ecobyte Finance is a comprehensive suite of indispensable financial tools powered by Stripe that ensures the seamless operation of your business. Ecobyte has been equipped with Stripe’s banking-as-a-service (“BaaS”) API which allows us to include financial services into our stack of already amazing hosting solutions, web products, and professional services. With Ecobyte Finance, you can choose to hold funds, pay off business expenses, earn yield, and manage cashflow directly with Ecobyte.


When you enroll in Ecobyte Finance, you’ll also receive premium-tier technical support for your financial account which natively comes with the ability to accept payments both online and in-person and, with payments backed by Stripe, integration with physical terminals and with online e-commerce platforms like Prestashop, Adobe Commerce, or Shopify is simple and intuitive. Ecobyte’s support team will even handle all the nitty-gritty for you.

Financial tools that just make sense for your growing business.

Open a Checking Account

Open an FDIC-insured business checking account and start receiving funding from external accounts, transactions, and other sources.

Instantly Accept Payments

With native Stripe integration, you’ll be able to quickly start accepting orders both online or in-person, with the opportunity for same-day payouts.

Issue Branded Debit Cards

Issue physical or virtual debit cards with your company logo, apply optional purchase restrictions, and oversee company spending.

Access Capital

Gain access to fast and flexible business financing with one flat fee. Ecobyte deducts a fixed percentage of your sales until the total owed is repaid.

Organize and Assign Funding

Intuitively choose which teams receive company funds on a recurring basis or configure your funds to be available upon approved requests.

Protect Your Income

Ecobyte Finance uses the power of Stripe Radar to detect and block fraud using ML/AI that trains on data across millions of global companies.

  How It Works

Ecobyte is diving into the financial technology realm with Treasury, a secure API offered by Stripe that provides the modular components Ecobyte needs to build a full-featured, scalable financinal product for our clients. In order to support this solution, Stripe has extended their parnterships with major banks to enable ACH and wire transfers, FDIC pass-through, insurance-eligible accounts, and faster access to payments and funds, all within the Ecobyte environment.

  Built with Trusted Banking Partners

Treasury is built in partnership with a network of banks, including Goldman Sachs and Evolve Bank & Trust, to enable us to embed banking services into our suite of offerings. Upfront banking negotiations, compliance procedures, and regulatory requires have all been addressed.