Moving to Ecobyte?

$79 per website

Are you planning to migrate an existing website from another hosting provider? If you need help, let us know and we’ll migrate your files, databases and mail content for you.

Your first website migration is free. Need to initiate a free migration? Contact our specialists via chat or ticket.

How does it work?

Data migrations are quite easy with most content management systems today. We offer website migration service so that, if you do decide to move to Ecobyte, we’ll be here to set you up for success.

Request a Migration

Log into your account and open a support ticket with the Website Migration department. Provide any control panel details asked of you.

Wait Patiently

Stand by and wait patiently. We may require more information. If we don’t, then we’ll let you know when the process is complete.


Once your website is up, we’ll notify you. We’ll follow up with you after some time to make sure things are running smoothly.