Our Climate Portfolio for 2021

We work with a multidisciplinary group of top scientific experts to help us find and evaluate the most promising carbon removal technologies. Explore our growing portfolio of early-stage carbon removal projects, read the criteria we use to select them, or view our open sourced project applications.

Our Portfolio

  • Seachange leverages the power and scale of the world’s oceans to remove carbon. Their experimental electrochemical process sequesters CO₂ in seawater as carbonates, an inert material comparable to seashells, thereby enabling energy-efficient and permanent CO₂ removal.
  • Running Tide removes carbon by growing kelp in the open ocean. After maximum growth, the free-floating lines of kelp sink to the deep ocean where the embodied carbon is stored for the long term. Running Tide’s approach is simple and scalable, powered by photosynthesis, ocean currents and gravity.
  • Over geological timescales, CO₂ chemically binds to minerals and permanently turns to stone. Heirloom is building a direct air capture solution that enhances this process to absorb CO₂ from the ambient air in days rather than years, and then extracts the CO₂ to be stored permanently underground.
  • Mission Zero electrochemically removes CO₂ from the air and concentrates it for a variety of sequestration pathways. Their experimental room-temperature process can be powered with clean electricity and has the potential to achieve low costs and high volumes using modular, off-the-shelf equipment.
  • CarbonBuilt’s process readily converts dilute CO₂ into calcium carbonate, creating a “no compromise” low-carbon alternative to traditional concrete. As a profitable and scalable solution for permanent CO₂ storage, CarbonBuilt’s technology platform can serve as a critical component of future carbon removal systems using direct air capture.
  • Future Forest is conducting a field trial to accelerate mineral weathering by crushing basalt rocks into dust, spreading them onto the forest floor, and then measuring CO₂ uptake. This first-of-a-kind trial will help assess the potential for scale as well as the potential ecosystem impacts associated with enhanced weathering.


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